Police: Call 911 Even If It Nothing Comes Of It

Stock image of lights on a police squad car.
Edward Kimmel/Flickr

If you see something suspicious, call the police, even if you think it might turn out to be nothing. 

Interim chief Matt Myrick with the University of Illinois Campus Police says if people see something strange or out of the ordinary, and they’re on the fence about whether or not to call 9-1-1, they should go ahead and call. "We’d rather go 100 times and have it be nothing, than miss the one time where we could have prevented a crime, we could have apprehended someone who is a habitual criminal, or whatever may be going on," Myrick commented

Myrick stresses that if people call police and it turns out to be nothing, the police will not think less of the person who calls.

He adds that a phone call brings police and demonstrates to potential criminals that the neighborhood will call 9-1-1 if something seems out of place.

Story source: WILL