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State Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Against Term Limits Referendum


The Illinois Supreme Court is refusing to take up an appeal of a lower court's ruling that prohibits a vote on term limits from appearing on the November ballot.  

The Supreme Court issued the order Friday afternoon shortly after the Illinois State Board of Elections certified the Nov. 4 ballot.  

Proponents of term limits for Illinois lawmakers, including GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, wanted a referendum question on the ballot that would limit legislators to eight years in office and make it more difficult to override a veto.

A circuit court judge found the measure violated a provision of the constitution that requires changes to the legislature be both ``structural and procedural.'' An appellate court affirmed that decision earlier this week.  

In a statement issued Friday afternoon, Rauner said that "Pat Quinn, Mike Madigan and the Springfield career politicians won today, and the people of Illinois lost". But he said the voters would have the final say by electing him governor and supporting legislators who will vote to put term limits in place.