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Two Dead In String of Champaign Heroin Overdoses


Police say two people in Champaign have died from heroin overdoses since Feb. 16 and at least eight others have needed medical treatment.
Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb said Tuesday that 10 overdoses in just over a week is an unusually high number for the university town.  The identities of the two people who died were not immediately available.

"This is an unusually high number of reported incidents in the brief window of time," said Cobb, in a press release.  "This is a sensitive issue with multiple layers and our obvious objective is to remove the drugs and drug dealers off our streets, but most importantly, this caution is issued because we value the lives of all of our Champaign and neighboring citizens."
Police believe the deaths may be the result of a particularly lethal form of heroin.
Investigators are asking the public for help in finding the source of the drugs and urging anyone who uses heroin to call 911 if they become ill.  Other resources including Prairie Center in Urbana (356-7576), Community Elements in Champaign (373-2436), and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (800-662-4357.)