Vermilion County Launches Website Seeking Volunteers


Leaders in Vermilion County are making it easier to play up one of the area’s strengths, and find more people to be part of it. The county is looking to build its strong volunteer base, and others wanting to help can now visit a website to connect with groups like the Big Brothers Big Sisters and CRIS Senior Services.

Vermilion County Board Chairman Michael Marron says the website is patterned somewhat after strategic planning in Hoopeston, but also relies on input from those who already volunteer in the county.

“We tried to make it a real grassroots effort so that it was the people of Vermilion County’s plan, not Mike Marron’s plan, not the county board’s plan," he said.  "A real effort from the people based on their input –we figured that we would have a much better chance of actually implementing it, and we could get longevity.”

Marron says we’re living in a world where more groups needing help are working fewer resources, and could use some free help.

Other groups linked to the county’s new website,, include the Vermilion County Health Department and Danville Library Foundation. 

Setting up the website was one of the goals of the county's VC2025 plan of future initiatives.

Story source: WILL