Nominate Your Favorite Early Childhood Champion

WILL-TV, in collaboration with PBS KIDS, presents our first annual Early Childhood Champions Awards! Nominate a talented champion who works with young children in central Illinois by April 9, 2021.

New season of Classical:BTS

Returning for an all new season, it’s Classical:BTS—our popular docuseries devoted to revealing the lesser-seen and -heard stories around classical music in central Illinois. Join us on March 25 as we take a closer look at the remarkable journey of bass player and guitarist Tonina Saputo

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The 21st Show - April 13, 2021

Young Muslims Observe Ramadan

As of April 13, 2021, millions of Muslims across the world will be fasting from sun-up to sundown — starting their second Ramadan in the pandemic. For university students in particular, this may be the first Ramadan some will have to spend away from their immediate families. 

Sankore Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site, built in the 14th century

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The 21st Show - April 13, 2021

Schools To Teach Pre-Enslavement Black History

A major overhaul of K-12 social studies programs in Illinois schools calls for every elementary and high school to develop a curriculum that includes one unit of studying pre-enslavement Black history, dating back to 3,000 BCE. Three guests shared reaction and how the education will happen.

 Manuel Rene Del Carmen organizes bags of recyclables and throws them into their allotted storage spaces at the Sure We Can recycling depot, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, in the Bushwick neighborhood of New York.

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The 21st Show - April 13, 2021

Rethinking Recycling

Even if we’re careful about sorting paper from plastic, and washing that plastic, too, what really happens to our recycling? An Illinois expert says all that paper and plastic you carefully sort from the trash might very well end up in a landfill. 

In spring 2019, floodwaters spilled over the top of the Ditch 6 levee and submerged most of Hamburg, Iowa. There wasn't enough time to build the levee higher before the 2019 flood, like the Corps of Engineers did in 2011.

Katie Peikes/Harvest Public Media

The 217 Today Podcast - April 13, 2021

217 Today: Tuesday April 13, 2021

In today's deep dive, our Midwest waterways series continues with a look at an effort to build a higher levee for a Missouri River town.


The 21st Show - April 12, 2021

How Biden’s New Infrastructure Plan Affects Farmers

The next big item on the Biden Administration’s legislative agenda is to pass a sweeping, $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan which the administration is calling the American Jobs Plan. The 21st spoke with two agriculture reporters about what it could mean for farmers and rural areas of Illinois.

Michael Bean is suing the Army Corps for flood damages alongside dozens of other landowners along the Missouri River.

Christina Stella/Harvest Public Media

The 217 Today Podcast - April 12, 2021

217 Today: Monday April 12, 2021

In today's deep dive, the first in a five-part series from Harvest Public Media on Midwest waterways. Today we learn about a dispute between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and farmers along the Missouri River.

Anna Webber

The 217 Today Podcast - April 09, 2021

217 Today: Friday April 9, 2021

In today's deep dive, a conversation with Christian McBride. The Grammy-winning bassist and bandleader is the host of NPR's Jazz Night in America, which debuted on WILL-FM last weekend.

A work called Nyan Cat by Chris Torres sold for $590,000 recently. It's part of growing interest in digital assets, known as nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, that are generating millions of dollars in sales every day.

Chris Torres

The 21st Show - April 08, 2021

NFT Art with Illinois Artists

Various forms of digital art can be sold as a “non-fungible token." To talk more about NFT sales and how they're transforming the art community, The 21st was joined by an artist and a reporter following art news. 

I-80 in the Quad Cities


The 21st Show - April 08, 2021

Bison Bridge National Park

An interstate highway bridge near the Quad Cities is set to be replaced. Instead of destroying the old one, an environmentalist wants to turn it into a new national park. The 21st spoke to the President of Living Lands & Waters about the details of the plan. 

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