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Atomic Age Cocktail Party

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Jason Croft—our longtime digital media production manager and local host of Here & Now—brings you the Atomic Age Cocktail Party, a celebration of the golden age of the hi-fi and beyond. Join him Saturday and Sunday nights on WILL-FM 90.9.

Soybeans engineered by RIPE to better adapt to excess light are tested at the University of Illinois Energy Farm.

Amanda De Souza/RIPE project

The 21st Show - January 27, 2022

Can we make photosynthesis more efficient?

What if, actually, in some ways nature isn’t really as good at finding its way as we once thought? An Illinois research project is aiming to make photosynthesis more efficient. To talk about the project and its potential ramifications, we were joined by its director. 

Visitors paddle down the African American Heritage Water Trail on the Little Calumet River.

Courtesy of Openlands

The 21st Show - January 27, 2022

The Little Calumet River: A hidden gem of Black history

Located in the southeast region of Chicago and flowing through the suburbs, the Little Calumet River once played an important role as part of the Underground Railroad. Recently, conservation efforts have worked to establish a new, seven-mile African American Heritage Water trail where canoers and kayakers can learn about the history of the river.

An Adams County judge's decision to reverse his ruling on a sexual assault case has ignited a firestorm of controversy and has victim advocates outraged.

Courtesy of WGEM-TV via WIFR-TV

The 21st Show - January 26, 2022

Conviction, reversal and outrage: The aftermath of a sexual assault

After an Adams County judge overturned a conviction for a sexual assault case of a 16-year-old girl, he’s been accused of making comments many classify as victim-blaming. Today, we were joined by a journalist covering the story, the executive director of an anti-domestic abuse organization, and an associate professor of law to unpack the details of the case.

IL State Senate President Don Harmon (D-Oak Park)

Courtesy of WGLT Radio

The 21st Show - January 26, 2022

Interview: Illinois Senate President Don Harmon

Today on The 21st, we began with a conversation about Illinois state government. The president of the Illinois state Senate, Don Harmon, joined us to talk about criminal justice, education, taxes, spending, and so much more that affects all of our lives.

The 21st Show - January 25, 2022

Mental health check-in: 2 years after Illinois’ first COVID case

Many are asking when this pandemic will really end, when we'll get back to normal, and what would “normal” even look like in a post-pandemic world. No one has answers to those questions, and for many, that uncertainty can take a toll on our mental health, which has already taken hits from the onset of the pandemic. The 21st was joined by a psychiatric professor to talk about ways the pandemic has been affecting our mental health and what we can do about it. 

Project developers plan to build carbon capture pipelines connecting dozens of Midwestern ethanol refineries. Poet, the country's largest producer of biofuels, operates this refinery in Chancellor, South Dakota, shown on Thursday, July 22, 2021. The company has not indicated whether it will connect its ethanol refineries to the carbon capture pipelines.

AP Photo/Stephen Groves

The 21st Show - January 25, 2022

Carbon pipeline proposal in Illinois

In order to curb carbon emissions, some are proposing that we capture carbon from ethanol plants in the Midwest and ship the gas via pipelines into the sandstone in Illinois, but not everyone is on board. The 21st was joined by a reporter covering this issue and a geologist to talk about how these pipelines would work and the possible concerns.