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Podcast investigates big prisons in small Illinois towns

‘Motive,’ an investigative podcast from Chicago NPR station WBEZ, explores blindspots in the prison system — metaphorical, and literal — where correctional officers can and do behave as though no one is watching. The 21st was joined by criminal justice reporter Shannon Heffernan, the podcast's host, to discuss what she's found is happening inside big prisons in small Illinois towns. 

State Rep. Luis Arroyo Arrested; Illinois Tollway Data; ‘Red State Blues’ Book About U.S. Conservatism; Tech Superhero from Normal, IL

State Rep. Luis Arroyo has been indicted on public corruption charges. Now, his Democratic colleagues are taking steps to expel him from the General Assembly. Plus, the Illinois Tollway has a huge amount of data on who uses electronic I-Passes, and when it's used. Reporting from WBEZ shows that just about anyone can request that information. Also, author Matt Grossmann of "Red State Blues" joins us to talk about the "conservative revolution." And, a "ransomware superhero" in Normal has helped thousands of people across the country and around the world battle malicious software attacking their computers, all for free.  

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Our Pension ‘Crisis’ Mentality; ‘Never Sentenced, Never Released’; Student Debt And Buying A House

On The 21st: Why is using the word 'crisis' detrimental when we're talking about Illinois' pension situation? Plus, Terry Allen has been in an Illinois prison for 36 years, even though he was never sentenced for the crime that got him there in the first place. And, we'll talk about how difficult it can be for those with student debt to become homeowners. 

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