The 21st Show

Post-Primary Wrap-Up: The Winners, Losers And Takeaways From Illinois Primary 2016


In a primary election that saw politicians and special interests pour millions of dollars into races - what was the message Illinois voters sent back?

We saw record turnout in many counties, Chicago activists mobilizing and House Speaker Michael Madigan besting Gov. Bruce Rauner not just in his own race, but through his proxy candidates.

"Though we were outspent two to one, our grassroots person-to-person campaign still triumphed," said Juliana Stratton, who beat out long-time incumbent Ken Dunkin in a statehouse race for Illinois's 5th State Legislative District in Chicago. "We have sent a powerful message that will be heard across Illinois."

Here's what we asked you: Now that the primary’s over: what should that message be? What do you want politicians to focus on now? What issues do you discussed in the general election?

Our guests were (in order of appearance): 

Story source: WILL