The 21st’s Favorite Segments From 2020


Host Brian Mackey and producers Anna Casey and Ryan Wilde share some of their favorite and most memorable segments from The 21st.


Healthy Sleep During A Pandemic

The 21st spoke with sleep specialist and Rush Medical College professor James Wyatt about changes to sleep schedules, more vivid dreams and how to get a better night's rest. 


Eastern Illinois Univ. Swimmer Talks About Being Detained At Gunpoint In Front Of Team

Jaylan Butler and his swim team were getting fresh air from a long bus ride following a conference championship meet. Then the police appeared with guns drawn, shouting and yelling. The 21st spoke to him about his experience and why the ACLU is taking the case.


Interview: Mayra Ramirez, First COVID-19 Lung Transplant Recipient

The 21st was joined by Maya Ramirez, the first known COVID-19 patient in the U.S. to receive a double-lung transplant — after spending two months in the intensive care unit on a ventilator and life-support machines. She spoke more about her experience in the hospital. 


The Legacy Of Aunt Jemima

The 21st explores how Nancy Green became a symbol of this brand and why its branding is problematic. 


Black Runners Fear Violence On The Trail

The 21st speak with black runners about the mental checklists they go through to ensure their safety, and speak with a psychologist about the negative emotional and health effects of racial trauma. 



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