About WILL

Listening to Illinois Public Media on Amazon Echo

graphic image of an Amazon Echo device

You can play our AM and FM audio streams by saying,  "Alexa, play NPR." The first time you do this, it will ask if you want to set your default station to Illinois Public Media, or WILL FM.

News and Talk Stream

If you want more news and talk, select Illinois Public Media. This gets you the WILL-AM live stream.

You can also just say "Alexa, play AM 580."

Classical Music

If you want our classical music stream, with some news like Morning Edition, you should select WILL FM.

You can also just say "Alexa, play FM 90.9."

Programs on NPR One

Enabling the NPR One skill will activate commands like these:

  • To listen to The 21st: "Alexa, ask NPR One to play the 21st."
  • To listen to the Closing Market Report: "Alexa, ask NPR One to play the Closing Market Report."
  • To listen to any of our podcasts like the Bandwagon: "Alexa, ask NPR One to play the Bandwagon."

You can add WILL regional news to your Alexa Flash News Brief by enabling the “WILL News” skill in the Alexa store. Then, when you ask Alexa to play the news you’ll get our newscast.