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Body Cameras Coming To University Of Illinois Police Officers

Interim University of Illinois Police Chief Matt Myrick

Interim University of Illinois Police Chief Matt Myrick University of Illinois Police

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Police Department will soon be putting body cameras on their patrol officers, and the police chief says most officers welcome the addition.

Interim Chief Matt Myrick says while not perfect, body cameras provide a more complete story of an arrest or incident.

And he says officers want their actions recorded. "Officers are more interested now that I would even say five years ago, in having a body camera, so their actions and what they do can be documented," Myrick said.

Myrick adds that bodycam technology has improved, so that the devices fits officers well and allows them to do their work unencumbered.

Illinois Public Media’s Mark Schultz spoke recently with Myrick about the new technology coming to U of I police officers. Click "Listen" to hear more.