Candidate For Congress Criticizes Trump For Releasing Nunes Memo

Jon Ebel

Democratic candidate for the Illinois 13th Congressional District, Jon Ebel.

Jon Ebel for Congress campaign website

A Democratic congressional candidate with an intelligence background says he does not think President Trump should have released the controversial Nunes memo relating to the Trump-Russia election investigation.

Univeristy of Illinois professor and former Navy intelligence officer Jon Ebel is running for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District seat. He says releasing the memo puts a chill on the intelligence community. "It’s disappointing to me as a former intelligence officer to see what the chain of command feels about the men and women that I worked with and had tremendous amounts of respect for, and still do," Ebel said.

The Nunes memo, written by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes of California, alleges an anti-Trump conspiracy in the FBI. The Republican-led House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to release the classified memo, with Democrats voting in opposition. 

Story source: WILL