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Candidate Interviews: 13th Congressional District


There are three Republicans and three Democrats seeking their party's nomination in Illinois' 13th Congressional District. Illinois Public Media's Sean Powers and Jeff Bossert talked with each of them ahead of the March 18 primary.

George Gollin (D)

George Gollin, a Democratic candidate from Champaign, teaches in the physics department at the University of Illinois. Gollin hasn’t run for elected office before, but he tells Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers that he has worked on federal legislation, while serving on the board of a higher education group. 

David Green (D)

David Green, a Democratic candidate from Champaign, is a social policy analyst with the University of Illinois’ Institute of Government and Public Affairs. Green says he believes Congress functions well for one percent of Americans. He tells Illinois Public Media's Sean Powers that he feels he can bring a voice to Washington that’s more representative of the rest of the country.

Ann Callis (D)

Ann Callis, a Democratic candidate from Edwardsville, is running in Illinois' 13th Congressional district. She was a judge in Madison County. She talks with Illinois Public Media's Jeff Bossert

Rodney Davis (R)

Fifteen months after narrowly winning a seat in Congress, Taylorville Republican Rodney Davis is seeking a second term. Davis says he was criticized by Democrats for backing GOP colleague Paul Ryan’s budget measure, which sought to avert another government shutdown. Davis tells Illinois Public Media's Jeff Bossert that the plan recently approved in Congress actually spends less.

Erika Harold (R)

Erika Harold is a Republican candidate from Urbana. Harold works as an attorney, and previously sought the Republican nomination for the Congressional seat after former Congressman Tim Johnson (R-Urbana) announced his retirement from politics in 2012. Republican Party chairs instead chose incumbent Rodney Davis. Harold talks with Illinois Public Media's Sean Powers about her campaign and what she hopes to accomplish.

Michael Firsching (R)

Michael Firsching, a Republican candidate from Moro, unsuccessfully ran against Republican Congressman John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) in 2010 and former Congressman Tim Johnson (R-Urbana) in 2012. He works as a veterinarian. Firsching talks with Illinois Public Media's Jeff Bossert.