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Champaign City Council Seeks Input On Goals

Champaign City Council chambers

The Champaign City Council wants community input on setting its goals for the next two years. City of Champaign

The Mayor of Champaign wants to hear from residents as the city council sets its goals for the next two years.

The city council sets goals every two years after local elections and the city council is inviting public input. That input will help shape the city’s goals for the next two years.

Mayor Deb Frank Feinen says in the past, citizen survey comments about storm water drainage helped the city set a major infrastructure goal.

“The council has worked hard over many, many years to start addressing the aging drainage infrastructure in the community and to help our citizens have drier neighborhoods,” Feinen explained.

People can fill out an online survey at the City of Champaign website, or in person at city hall until September 13.