Champaign Council To Discuss ‘BYOB’ Proposal


The Champaign City Council could amend the city liquor code to allow ‘BYOB’ at a handful of businesses.  The city currently bans the practice of Bring Your Own Bottle, or letting customers bring and consume their own alcoholic drinks.  But some places have shown an interest in changing that, including one restaurant, and a ‘paint and sip’ business.

Champaign Deputy Liquor Commissioner Matthew Roeschley says the council will discuss altering the code in Tuesday night’s study session. 

He says it could benefit those who don’t want to make selling alcohol a large part of their business, and have to get a liquor license.

“Individual businesses would have to decide if they want to take on the risk and responsibility of allow it on their premises, potentially subjecting themselves to the liability for those who consume liquor on their property, and having their staff trained to check ID’s, and to serve the alcohol that’s brought on the premises by the customers," he said.

Roeschly says Champaign has researched the issue to find some cites, like Bloomington, where the issue is neither prohibited nor licensed.  Jolinda Ross, an assistant to Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing, says there's also no measure on that city's books to address the issue.

Roeshley says it’s the same in Chicago, but the city recently changed its code to restrict the practice in some areas. Some restaurants in the Chicago suburbs pay BYOB license fees.   

The Champaign city council’s study session is at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Story source: WILL