Clinton Landfill Owners To Appeal Chem Waste Ban


The owner of the Clinton Landfill says it will appeal the latest modification to its state EPA permit, which bans it from accepting PCB and manufactured gas plant waste.

But for now, Peoria Disposal Company says it will stop accepting manufactured gas plant waste at the landfill, while it seeks a review of the modification before the Illinois Pollution Control Board. The review of Modification #47 is being sought on or before September 4th.

In a news release, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Chris Coulter notes that the Clinton Landfill has never accepted PCB’s, because its request to do so is still awaiting federal approval. And he says the all manufactured gas plant wastes going into the landfill's Chemical Waste Unit come from Illinois, including from one site in downtown Clinton, about two miles away from the landfill.

The news releases states, "The public can be assured that the Clinton Landfill CWU (Chemical Waste Unit) poses no risk to human health, safety and welfare, as the facility is conservatively desgined and operated to far exceed USEPA and IEPA modern landfill standards".

Governor Pat Quinn ordered the change in the Clinton Landfill’s state permit, after local officials voiced fears that the chemical waste in the landfill could leak out and endanger the Mahomet Aquifer.

Story source: WILL