Danville Mayor Hopes To Direct Federal And State Aid To Residents

A deck is nearly submerged after a heavy rainstorm in Danville last month (June 2015)

Severe flooding in June left several millions of dollars in flood damages in its wake. June 2015 was recorded as the wettest month on record for the City of Danville.

(Photo: Darrell Hoemann)

In the wake of last month’s record high rainfall, the city of Danville is facing millions of dollars in damages. 

Danville experienced its wettest month on record last month.

The state climatologist’s office reports that the city received 12.78 inches of rain, nearly four inches more than the statewide average of 8.9 inches.

Danville mayor Scott Eisenhauer says the city will request disaster assistance from the state and federal government.

If the request is approved by state and federal goverment, he plans to direct some of that money to private citizens affected by flooding.

“Most often when we apply for state or federal assistance we’re doing it from a public perspective," said Eisenhauer, "Public infrastructure has been damaged public buildings have been damaged. In this case, because there has been so much damage done to individual property owners who were not able to get insurance to protect themselves from this type of incident, we feel it’s important to go to bat for them and get money back from the state or federal government to provide disaster recovery assistance for individuals."

Friday is the deadline for resident to submit applications for flood relief money before the city proposes its aid request on July 21st.

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