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Elections Officials Remove Independent Gill From Ballot

David Gill

David Gill campaigning for Congress. Sean Powers/WILL

David Gill says it’s not fair that independent candidates like him have to gather nearly 15 times as many signatures as Democrats and Republicans. He fell short, but convinced a federal judge that he should be on the ballot anyway. Then, higher-ranking appeals-court judges overturned that order, which led the Illinois State Board of Elections to formally remove Gill from the ballot in the 13th Congressional District.

His lawyer is Sam Cahnman, who says he'll continue pursuing an appeal.

“I think this year, especially, people have expressed distaste with the choices presented by the two major parities," Cahnman said. "I can’t remember an election when people were more upset by the two Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. We’re not done yet. This is not the last stage of this scenario."

Cahnman has already asked the federal appeals court to reconsider its ruling. He says Gill could ultimately appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who’s responsible for matters in Illinois.

On the ballot Nov. 8 are incumbent 13th District Republican Congressman Rodney Davis and Democratic challenger Mark Wicklund of Decatur.