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Ferguson Protests In Illinois

Protesters march during a rally near Chicago Police headquarters Monday night.

Protesters march during a rally near the Chicago Police headquarters after the announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Dozens of protesters outside Chicago Police Department's headquarters started marching as soon as they heard that a grand jury had decided not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed, black 18-year-old in August.  

The marchers used profanities to indicate their anger but as police kept up with them they did in the minutes after the televised announcement by St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch on Monday night they did not cause any damage to any of the businesses that lined their route.  

The protest was one of several around the country that took place in anticipation of the grand jury's decision on whether Officer Darren Wilson's Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown.  

In Champaign-Urbana, the group CU Citizens for Peace and Justice condemned the grand jury's decision not to issue an indictment against Wilson.

"To them, Black lives don't matter", said CUCPJ in a statement. "We say Black lives do matter, all lives matter".

CUCPJ has scheduled a rally for Tuesday, November 25th at noon in front of the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana.