Gifford Looks Forward To Summer Fest After Tough Year


An organizer of Saturday’s Gifford Community Celebration says the event is another sign that the community is moving forward after last November’s tornado.

The celebration features live music, a parade, and different games and activities. Callie Heidbreder said she hopes the festival gives residents a sense of normalcy after an extremely difficult year.

“We’re keeping to our similar crowd favorites as far as the watermelon eating contest, the cricket spitting, and things of that sort,” Heidbreder explained. “I just hope that we have a lot more people come to town, and I really think we will because I think a lot of people are curious what the town looks like and how much progress we’ve made.”

Heidbreder said re-building continues in Gifford, and residents are still seeking assistance from a local tornado relief fund. 

Story source: WILL