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Gov-Elect Rauner Calls On Quinn To Freeze Hiring


Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner is calling on outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn to freeze all hiring in the final weeks of his term.

Rauner spoke Thursday at the Capitol, where he's meeting with elected officials in preparation for taking office Jan. 12.
The Winnetka Republican says he wants Quinn to agree not to make any additional hires or appointments.

He also wants the Chicago Democrat to refrain from reclassifying employees into union-protected jobs so they can keep their positions in a Rauner administration.
Rauner says in past transitions, governors have rewarded people with jobs on their way out the door. He says he doesn't have reason to believe Quinn is doing so, but that a freeze is "good management practice.''
But Quinn's office wouldn't commit to a freeze. Spokeswoman Katie Hickey says Quinn has "directed cabinet members to manage their agencies in a responsible manner'' to ensure basic state operations continue.