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Gov. Quinn Sets Priorities For 2014


Gov. Pat Quinn won't say what he thinks should happen when an income tax increase is set to expire in January 2015. 

Quinn tells The Associated Press it'll have to be dealt with in the coming year.  The governor also says he supports a graduated income tax which is based on people's ability to pay.
The Chicago Democrat is wrapping up a year where he signed a fix of Illinois' $100 billion pension problem and legislation legalizing same-sex marriage into law. He says those accomplishments will give him a boost next year.

In a year-end interview with The Associated Press, the Chicago Democrat highlights those accomplishments as evidence of both Illinois' progress and his leadership, hinting at possible re-election themes and saying he isn't concerned about criticism from four Republicans gearing up to take him on.
The four Republicans running in the primary have questioned Quinn's ability to get things done in Springfield. They are venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, state Sen. Bill Brady, state Sen. Kirk Dillard and Treasurer Dan Rutherford.  One Democrat, Tio Hardiman, has filed to challenge Quinn in the primary.
Quinn says he's ready to float another capital construction plan, supports a "progressive'' income tax and is for closing corporate tax loopholes.