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Macon County Looks At Enacting Own Concealed Carry Policy


Macon County is looking to join a growing list of other communities in Illinois by coming up with its own concealed carry law.

State’s Attorney Jay Scott said the entire state needs to have a uniform policy in place, like the one awaiting Gov. Pat Quinn’s signature.

Scott said he plans to talk to his sheriff by the end of the week about creating a local concealed carry law until a statewide plan goes into effect.

“We’re trying to be reasonable," Scott said. "We’re also trying to look out for public safety in every aspect. Not only the rights of people to defend themselves, but we don’t want any accidents happening and we don’t want someone who’s not supposed to be carrying a gun to have one," Scott said. "We’ve always been very strict on criminals that could use or possess guns, and we’ll continue to be that way in the future.”

A federal court ruled that Illinois’ concealed carry ban was unconstitutional, and ordered the state to lift the ban by July 9.

State Attorney General Lisa Madigan may challenge the ruling.