New Champaign Unit 4 Superintendent Susan Zola Discusses Renovations And More

Brian Moline and Susan Zola in the WILL studio.

Illinois Public Media's Brian Moline spoke with new Champaign Unit 4 Schools superintendent Susan Zola on Friday.

Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media

The Champaign Unit 4 School Board announced on Wednesday that Susan Zola will serve as superintendent for the district when Judy Wiegand retires at the end of the school year. She discussed several issues facing the district, including renovations, and possible changes at the state and federal level, with Illinois Public Media's Brian Moline.

Zola said the work approved by voters in a referendum last fall will be spread out over 4 to 6 years.  She said which project breaks ground first will depend on which can be prepared for construction the quickest.

"For both high schools, just the amount of design and planning work requires more time prior to the construction build," Zola said, "versus possibly a Dr. Howard, where we know we're going to take the facility down and rebuild on site."

Zola referred to Dr. Howard Elementary School, which the district plans to tear down and rebuild completely. She said the first construction work could start as soon as this summer.

Unit 4 voters approved a $183-million referendum last fall to pay for renovations and expansions at six of the district’s schools, including both high schools.

Story source: WILL