Park Board To Vote Wednesday On Central High Proposal

Entrance sign to Dodds Park, near the baseball fields.

Entrance sign to Dodds Park, near the baseball fields.

(Jim Meadows/WILL)

Champaign Park District commissioners are scheduled to vote next week on whether to allow Unit 4 school to build new Central High School in Dodds Park. 

That's according to Champaign Park District Executive Director Joe DeLuce. 

"My expectations are that hopefully we've had enough public information, we've had public meetings, we've had several discussions," he said.  "We've provided the Park Board with enough information for them to make an informed decision."

If the park board votes 'yes', DeLuce said the park and school district will move forward on negotiating a 'land swap' - where Unit 4 would transfer some of its property to the park district in exchange for a portion of Dodds Park.

A 'no' vote will mean the school district will look alternatives to Dodds locations for the new Central High.  The majority of those who spoke a public forum hosted by the park district last week opposed placing the school in the park, out of concern for having more open space.

Currently, the school district is proposing to build the high school on Interstate Drive. 

Funding for the new high school would be part of a $144-million on the April 7 ballot.

Story source: WILL