Still Waiting For Comprehensive Budget Plan From Rauner


The two men vying for governor disagree on a lot of issues, most notably what to do about Illinois' budget. Still, it's hard to compare the two, because one plan doesn't seem to exist.

It was nearly a month ago, at an event for Sangamon County Republicans that the party's nominee, Bruce Rauner, said "we'll be coming out with a comprehensive plan, that will be recommending about what we should change in our regulations and in our tax code and in our spending structure, in the, in … relatively near future."

So far, though, that hasn't happened.

Rauner has consistently said that Illinois should reduce its current income tax rate. His opponent, Gov. Pat Quinn, has the opposite stance.

Quinn said Illinois needs to make the higher rate permanent, or else face drastic cuts to important state programs.

The Quinn campaign said the governor is being forthright while Rauner's making dangerous campaign promises; while the Rauner campaign and other Republicans say Quinn is just trying to scare voters.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio