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Vermilion County Board Exploring Change In Leadership Model


The Chairman of the Vermilion County Board says there’s a ‘strong appetite’ in both parties to look at the county’s leadership model. Republican Mike Marron says an ad hoc committee will spend the next few months discussing whether his position should be cut to part-time, while hiring a professional administrator. He says Vermilion County has become large enough to require someone with more experience in public administration – noting that McLean and Peoria Counties use the same model. 

But Marron wants to examine other leadership structures.  He cites a recent vote in Champaign County  – to place the area under an elected countywide executive, starting in 2018.

“I don’t envision us going that direction, but we would at least like to look at what Champaign County is doing and get a feel for that, as well as some of the other counties," he said. "I think there will be a pretty extensive investigative process, and I would hope that we will have something to report to the executive committee of the county board by mid-summer.”

Marron says filling the role of chairman now is challenging enough.

He says he’s fortunate his family farming operation allows him to do both, since his father is still an active part of it.

"Not everybody is in a position where they can take a couple years off their career to fill this role," he said. "So it somewhat limits your pool of applicants."

Two county board Republicans and Democrats will serve on the ad-hoc committee. Bruce Stark (D-Danville), Steve Fourez (R-Jamaica) will serve as chairs. Other members are Robert Boyd (D-Danville) and Kevin Green (R-Fithian), along with area businessman Mel Myers and former county board chairman Todd Lee.