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‘Walk As One’ Event Aims To Promote Resilience In Neighborhoods Affected By Gun Violence

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Champaign County Community Coalition

The Champaign County Community Coalition is seeking volunteers for an event this week focused on preventing violence and promoting resilience.

Bev Baker with the United Way of Champaign County is one of the organizers of the “Walk As One” event. She said volunteers will walk door-to-door to spread information—and show care and concern—for residents of the neighborhood historically known as the “North End,” which spans Champaign and Urbana.

Volunteers will distribute information about recent gun violence response efforts and summer community programs for children and teens.

“Building a resilient community (is) important for all of us,” Baker said. “And we do need to focus on the positives and be sure that we know what the resources are that are available.”

One of the goals of the event is to ensure people in neighborhoods affected by gun violence know what help is available.

“It’s a great way, it’s such a simple way, to get out, get into the community, meet with your fellow residents,” Baker said. “It’s really a short time commitment, but can go a long way in spreading good information.”

Volunteers should arrive at Salem Baptist Church in Champaign at 4:30 pm Wednesday to receive training. The “Walk As One” event will follow, from 5 until 6:30 pm.

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