Prairie Performances

Prairie Performances

with Roger Cooper

Fridays at 7 pm on FM 90.9 and 101.1

The Fantastic Flute with Julia Escobar

Our first John Frayne Classical Music Graduate Student Work Experience fellow, Julia Escobar, guest hosts this very special Prairie Performances, curated by her and featuring the fantastic flute.

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August 4, 1964

Originally commissioned in honor of the centennial of the birth of 36th U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, focusing on the events of this particular day.

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Saint Matthew Passion

Start Easter weekend with this performance featuring Sinfonia da Camera, the Central Illinois Children’s Chorus, the University of Illinois Chorale, and the UI Oratorio Society.

Music of Titans

Our month long celebration of Composer Stacy Garrop continues with a fascinating movement that traces the progression of this frightening mythological figure from “gorgeous” to “Gorgon.”

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Music of Destiny

Tonight begins a month long celebration of Composer-in Residence Stacy Garrop, with the first of four concerts featuring her compositions.