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Measles Risk In Cook County; How 5G Works; Flight 191 Crash 40 Years Later

Cook County has been named number one on a list of most at risk for the next measles outbreak. What does that mean for the rest of Illinois? Plus, we'll talk about what 5G might do in the ever-changing world of wireless technology. And, we remember the 40th anniversary of the crash of Flight 191. We'll speak with Kim Jockl, who lost her parents in the crash and organized a memorial in their honor.

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AG Kwame Raoul; Measles Vaccinations & CHIP; Medicaid Covering Gender Reassignment; Passover Seders

State Attorney General Kwame Raoul joins us to talk about an ongoing legal dispute with a Central Illinois bus company, and more. Plus, since 2016, it’s been too expensive to vaccinate every single child on CHIP. Now, physicians in Illinois are concerned about a possible measles outbreak in our state if things don’t change. Also, Illinois Medicaid will start to cover gender reassignment surgery as early as this summer. And, tomorrow night marks the beginning of Passover and Jewish people across Illinois join the world in celebrating. We’ll talk about how people are creating their own modern day traditions around Seders.

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