Nadia vs Olga, Illinois’ New Athletic Director, and Allegations Against Peyton Manning

Brian Moline and Lisa Bralts holding all sorts of sports equipment

Brian and Lisa are trying to play all the sports. At the same time. Michael Owen Thomas/Illinois Public Media

Plenty to discuss for Brian and Lisa this week as they tackle Peyton Manning's recent troubles, a new athletic director for the University of Illinois, and a rivalry between two Eastern European teenagers who were barely five feet tall.  Come on aboard!

Here's Deadspin's take on the sexual assault allegations against Peyton Manning:

And a more skeptical take from Bleacher Report:

Listen to Josh Whitman's introductory news conference, and an interview he did with Illinois Public Media's Jeff Bossert afterward (the day after we recorded this podcast):

Finally, gymnastics!  Some nice highlights of Olga Korbut (embedding was disabled for these videos):

And Nadia Comaneci:

Finally, a picture says a thousand words:

Nadia Comaneci received the gold medal for the test to the beam at the Olympics in Montreal in 1976 under the eyes of Olga Korbut, silver medal

Photo Credit: Reg Lancaster/Getty Images