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Budget Woes Force Layoffs, Furloughs at EIU

Pemberton Hall, Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University in Charleston (Wikimedia Commons)

Budget constraints have forced Eastern Illinois University at Charleston to lay off 26 contracted faculty members, and require furlough days for many employees as it begins the next school year.

In a mass e-mail sent out Wednesday morning, EIU President David Glassman said those annually contracted faculty have already been notified they won’t be reappointed, while roughly 10 more vacant positions won’t be filled.

Glassman also asked the university’s vice presidents to provide division-wide recommendations for cutting costs and related layoffs by the end of July.  

"The plans are to be strategic and supportive of our academic mission and positive student experience," he said.

Meanwhile, EIU will require furlough days for Administrative and Professional Employees.  The number of days each employee much take, between 7 and 14, is based on salary.  Those earning less than $50-thousand a year won’t have to take furlough days.

"Although critically necessary, the actions the university is undertaking to adjust our budget are immensely difficult and emotional and will impact us all in the Eastern community," Glassman said.  "No one wishes to be laid off, nor see a colleague laid off.  During this time, it is more important than ever that we remember to treat each other with respect and compassion."

Rather than taking furlough days, Glassman’s own salary will be cut at the equivalent of 16 unpaid days.  Other EIU employees will also have that option.