Callis Fights Back On Residency Question


Congressional candidate Ann Callis is lashing out at her opponent’s contention that she doesn’t live in the 13th District.  At a campaign appearance in Bloomington Monday, the Democrat from Edwardsville called those comments from GOP incumbent Rodney Davis ‘an absolute lie.’

The question came up when property documents in Kirkwood, Missouri showed Callis claimed residency there.  

She said Missouri is a dual residency state -  and she was legally required to sign those when her husband bought property.

“And those are properties that I had I didn’t have any interest in, but because the law in Missouri compelled me – as his spouse – to sign those documents," she said. "To say that I did live there is an unfathomable lie."

Callis has turned to a singer of pop songs from the 50’s and 60’s to support her campaign.  Jon Bauman, better known as ‘Bowzer’ formerly of the singing group Sha Na Na, criticized Davis for turning Medicare into a voucher program.

"They give you a voucher, it eventually runs out," he said.  "Every estimate by every responsible policy organization has concluded this will cost seniors significanly more money, like thousands of dollars a year.  If someone could deliver the Medicare trust funds back to private insurance after the voucher runs out, the insurance lobby is going to love whoever does that."

Congressman Davis has defended his vote on Republican colleague Paul Ryan’s budget which includes Medicare vouchers as an effort to be fiscally responsible.

Callis and Bauman also planned a stop in Champaign Monday.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio