Diana Rauner Distances Herself From Budget Requests


Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is a Republican, but his wife says she is not. As Rauner's campaign continues to criticize Gov. Quinn's stance on taxes, Rauner's wife has a stake in the cause.

Just after the March primary election, Illinois was introduced to Diana Rauner, Bruce Rauner's wife. She introduced herself as "a lifelong Democrat."

She is also the CEO of Ounce of Prevention, a Chicago-based non-profit that uses state grant money to help promote early childhood education.

Ounce of Prevention is seeking increased funding, stemming from keeping tax revenues where they are ... something Bruce Rauner is against. He wants rates rolled back.

Recent Ounce of Prevention statements applauding Gov. Quinn's budget proposals have left off Diana's name. Instead, they quote policy analyst Eliot Regenstein.

But Megan Meyer, spokeswoman for Ounce, said that's got less to do with the campaign, and more to do with policy focus.

"We tap into the different areas based on the expertise needed," she said. "So, Diana will play a role, Eliot Regenstein plays a role. So everyone in the Ounce plays a role and we focus them in their expertise."

Bruce Rauner's campaign has yet to explain how how he'd increase education funding if the state is taking in less in taxes.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio