EIU Says Cost-Cutting Measures Sliced Deficit To $1 Million

September 29, 2015

EIU President David Glassman, who gave his State of the University address on Monday, says layoffs and furloughs have helped the school cut its budget deficit from $13 million to $1 million.

In the Mattoon Journal-Gazette and (Charleston) Times-Courier report, he said cost-cutting isn't over but any additional layoffs would be small.
EIU doesn't have a state appropriation because GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic leaders in the Illinois Legislature haven't settled on a state budget for the current fiscal year.
Glassman also cut intercollegiate athletics' funding by 20 percent, or $320,000, which athletic director Tom Michael said will have an impact but is necessary.
Glassman says EIU earned about $500,000 from enrollment increases and will receive another $400,000 by charging card holders credit card fees for tuition payments.

Story source: AP