Rep. Jakobsson Endorses Candidate Carol Ammons


Two months prior to the November election, retiring Democrat Naomi Jakobsson has thrown her support behind her party’s nominee to succeed her. 

The 103rd District State Representative from Urbana who has served since 2002 announced in a press release Monday she was backing candidate Carol Ammons.

It wasn’t clear if this would happen.  Jakobsson endorsed Ammons’ opponent, Sam Rosenberg, in the March primary. 

And Jakobsson’s husband, Urbana Alderman Eric Jakobsson, who serves with Ammons on the Urbana City Council, had criticized Ammons a few months earlier, for earning a degree from a London-based university he called a ‘diploma mill.’

Naomi Jakobsson said Ammons ‘will be an effective advocate for a progressive tax system that is an essential component of any solution to the state’s debt problem.’

She also touts Ammons’ efforts to reform the criminal justice system, and protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Ammons faces Champaign Republican Kristin Williamson November 4th. 

Both are pursuing state office for the first time.

Story source: WILL