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Shimkus: Time To Support Allied Action In Russia

John Shimkus, during an interview with WILL in 2013.

Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois' 15th District (Jeff Bossert/WILL)

Congressman John Shimkus says the US and Russia are in another Cold War.  The Republican said he’s prepared to vote on military action to support Ukraine against Russian-backed separatists.

Shimkus says U.S.-imposed sanctions are having a significant impact, but he believes Russian leaders don’t care. 

 “The President’s done well in talking about Article 5 protection under the NATO treaty for those who are NATO allies, and I would seriously consider moving allied troops into the countries of Georgia and Ukraine based on their request," he said.

Ukraine is a NATO partner, but not a member of the alliance. Hundreds of people have died in fighting in Ukraine since a cease-fire was signed last month. That’s according to the United Nations.

Shimkus is a delegate to the NATO parliamentary assembly.

The Collinsville Republican faces Mahomet Democrat Eric Thorsland in his bid for re-election next month.