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U Of I: Not Clear How AG’s Filing Impacts University Workers

The Alma Mater statue on the University of Illinois campus

The Alma Mater statue on the University of Illinois campus University of Illinois Public Affairs

A court filing by Illinois’ Attorney General seeks to halt state worker paychecks by the end of February, and not let them resume until there’s agreement on a state budget. But it’s not yet clear if Thursday’s action would extend to University of Illinois employees. 

U of I spokesperson Tom Hardy says the system’s legal office is reviewing Lisa Madigan’s motion.

"It is important to remember that public universities have diverse lines of revenue from which employees might be paid: direct appropriation from the state, tuition paid by students and their families, grants and contracts that support research, and income to operate auxiliary functions such as dining and residence halls," he said.

Northern Illinois University told employees in an email on Friday it would continue to issue paychecks on that campus, even if other state employees were not paid. The email also said NIU didn't expect long-term implications if the court rules the state can no longer pay employees. 

Madigan’s court filing seeks to dissolve a preliminary injunction that has kept paychecks going out to state workers during Illinois’ budget impasse. 

Editor's note: University of Illinois employees include the staff of WILL / Illinois Public Media.