Bandwagon Gets a Personnel Boost, Knee Injuries, and What Happens After Jocks Make Bank?

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Lisa and Brian welcome a new co-host this week, John Steinbacher! Plus, they talk to U of I Economist, Dr. Fred Giertz about athletes and financial problems. John chose the rivalry for this episode: Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls vs. the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons. Come on aboard!

So, here's what we're reading this week.  So much stuff!

  • Could UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma jump to the NBA?
  • Knee injuries.  So many knee injuries.  Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs, Illini wide receiver Mike Dudek (yes, again), and Canadian women's national team goalkeeper Erin McLeod.  Just to name a few.
  • Athletes and their finances.  Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski seems to have it figured out.  But he seems to be the exceptionDr. Fred Giertz talks to us about some of the reasons behind their problems.
  • Rivalry time!  Did anyone outside of Detroit like the Pistons in the late 1980's/early 1990's?  Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls certainly didn't!
  • Plus, some discussion about the 1996 Chicago Bulls being challenged by the 2016 Golden State Warriors.  And, sad Michael Jordan memes.

Thanks for listening!