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A Fairy Tale: Will There Be A Budget By The State Fair?


The fair in Springfield is set to kick off with the twilight parade on Thursday, August 13. When asked if there's a chance a budget will be in place by then, Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan responded by saying it's possible.

"If everybody’s reasonable, and everybody functions in moderation and not in the extreme," he said last week. "And since we’re in continuous session..."

Which is to say: it's unlikely. Madigan has cast Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner as operating in the "extreme" with his pro-business, anti-union demands.

Rauner continues to blame Madigan for the impasse. Regardless, the gridlock won't likely break by the fair. The Senate isn't scheduled to return to the capitol until Aug. 19 -- that's the annual Governor's Day at the fair, when the GOP will rally.

Rauner says he looks forward to it.

"I'm a big advocate for the state fair, it's a very important economic driver and a just celebration of all the great things that we all love about Illinois," the governor said.

The event approaches as social services agencies are shutting down or laying off employees for lack of state funding.