Without Budget, Eastern Illinois May Need Short-Term Layoffs

The Livingston C. Lord Administration Building at Eastern Illinois University.

The Livingston C. Lord Administration Building at Eastern Illinois University.

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Eastern Illinois University President David Glassman says that while the school is not planning more mass layoffs to cope with the continued lack of a state budget more cost-cutting may be required. That could include short-term layoffs.  The Charleston school has been among the hardest hit by continued standoff between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrats who control the General Assembly over state spending.

More than 400 EIU employees have lost their jobs.

"It fact, it has been incredibly disheartening to have had to negatively impact so many of EIU's oustanding employees through layoffs, furloughing, deferred salaries, and by asking all employees to work harder and cover more responsibilities to make up for the decreased employee base," Glassman said in an email to employees and students on Monday.

Glassman said that EIU could face a cash crunch in July and August as it waits for tuition revenue to come in for the fall. He said that if more layoffs are needed they would come in the form of two-week, three-week, or 29-day emergency temporary layoffs.

But Glassman did assure students and staff that EIU is positioned to continue operations without interruption, and will remain open.  The school does not plan to continue furloughs in FY 2017. 

The president also said for employees waiting on decisions for reappointment (like Unit B faculty and assistant coaches), notfications were to start Monday and continue through the summer as further assessments occur.

Story source: AP