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The 21st Show - May 18, 2017

Preventing Deaths From Opioid Overdose; Cubs vs. Cards Rivalry Exhibit

On the 21st: All across Illinois - for every age group and for every race - the number of people dying from drug overdose is rising. We asked public officials what they are doing to help. Plus, we discussed a new baseball exhibit at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield.

prison cell

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The 21st Show - May 17, 2017

Medical Care In Illinois Prisons; Treating Opioid Addiction

On the 21st: We learn why the ACLU of Illinois is suing the state for providing poor medical care to inmates. Plus, we continue our series on Illinois's opioid crisis - this time, focusing on how effective treatment works.

retired coal miners

Durrie Bouscaren/St. Louis Public Radio

The 21st Show - May 11, 2017

Health Insurance For Coal Miners; Police Officers & Art; U.S. Citizenship; Presidential Libraries

On the 21st: After months of waiting on a life-or-death decision, retired coal miners wondering whether Congress will continue their health insurance have finally received an answer. We also learn about a new art exhibit featuring works by Chicago police officers, discuss citizenship and immigration, and explore the history and purpose of presidential libraries.


The 21st Show - May 02, 2017

Automatic Voter Registration; The Tylenol Murders; The 21st Turns One Year Old

On the 21st: Voting rights advocates are trying to build support for an automatic voter registration bill. Plus, the story of how seven people in Chicago were killed by Tylenol that had been poisoned - and a brief reflection on our one year anniversary with Illinois Public Media CEO Moss Bresnahan.

A United Express aircraft

United Airlines

The 21st Show - April 28, 2017

David Dao Reaches Settlement With United; Poet Tasleem Jamila; The Slants

On the 21st: NPR's David Schaper fills us in on the latest in United Airlines' ongoing dispute with a passenger who was violently dragged off an overbooked flight. Plus, we cap off National Poetry Month with poet Tasleem Jamila, and talk with two band members of the Asian-American rock band "The Slants."

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