Vince Smith

The 21st Show - June 24, 2020

What Will College Look Like in Fall?

The University of Illinois System has announced that it will be welcoming tens of thousands of students back to campus this fall. But, many students, professors, and parents still have questions about how things will play out this fall despite the guidance that has been released. 

Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - June 24, 2020

Phase 4: What Do You Need To Know?

Illinois will be moving on to the fourth phase of reopening the state this Friday, allowing more community presence at various public places. The 21st speaks to public health officials across the state about the new liberties and the best ways to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19.

The 21st Show - June 23, 2020

The 21st—Tuesday, June 23, 2020

On Today's 21st, we talk about a potential COVID-19 vaccine being developed in Illinois, take a look at superforecasting and will there be baseball in 2020?

The 21st Show - June 23, 2020

Superforecasters On The Art Of Predictions

The 21st speaks to experts on "superforecasting" to demystify what it is, who makes a good superforecaster and what superforecasters are currently predicting in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pierre-Olivier Carles

The 21st Show - June 23, 2020

Is Illinois Ready To Play Ball?

As Illinois continues to move onto the next phase of reopening the state, many places like movie theaters, restaurants and barbershops will see visitors again. But is baseball ready?

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

The 21st Show - June 23, 2020

Illinois Prepares To Test COVID-19 Vaccine

Next month, The University of Illinois Chicago will begin testing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The 21st speaks to the lead investigator on the clinical trial.

The 21st Show - June 22, 2020

The 21st—Monday, June 22, 2020

On Today's 21st, we hear from reporters around the state and how they are moving into Phase 4, check in with Illinois DACA recipients and look at the pandemic version of Victory Gardens.

Molly Adams

The 21st Show - June 22, 2020

Illinois Dreamers Speak After DACA Decision

Last week the Supreme Court ruled on DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, started under the Obama Administration, and which the Trump Administration was attempting to rescind. We dig into the Supreme Court’s historic decision, what it means for Illinois dreamers now and how it affects the future of the program.

Jernej Furman

The 21st Show - June 22, 2020

Reporter Roundtable: Illinois Braces For Phase 4

Illinois is poised to move to the next phase of reopening Friday, allowing museums, gyms and zoos to open their doors with restrictions. We speak with reporters across the state about the infection rate and precautions.

Photograph of a family.

Carlotta Roma

The 21st Show - June 18, 2020

Silver Linings Of The COVID-19 Quarantine

Quarantining during the pandemic brought forth a lot of change, but it wasn't all bad. It has also forced us to examine some of those so-called “normal” parts of life pre-pandemic and reevaluate if they're worth returning to. We talked with people seeing light in this tough time.

Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - June 18, 2020

Central Illinois American Portrait

Thursday night, Illinois Public Media will debut  a documentary called “American Portrait Central Illinois- living through the COVID-19 pandemic.” We talked to the executive producer and two people who documented their lives via their smartphones.

The Texas State Marker in Galveston where Union army general Gordon Granger's reading of federal orders on June 19, 1865 proclaimed that all enslaved persons in the U.S. state of Texas were now free.

City of Galveston

The 21st Show - June 18, 2020

Bringing Juneteenth To The Mainstream

Juneteenth 2020 will happen at a moment in American history when conversations about racism and white supremacy are at the forefront. We spoke with two history experts about the significance of this little known moment in history and designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday. 

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