Lucky Thirteenth Episode of Bandwagon is Right Here

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The Bandwagon welcomes Travis Tate to the podcast booth this week! Jim Kelly/for Illinois Public Media

This week we start our show by talking about some of the tumult among women's college basketball programs, including Illinois.  Next, Travis Tate stops by for something we're calling "Better Tate Than Never."  He talks about Kobe Bryant's retirement and what's next for the NBA star.  Last, but certainly not least, we discuss the rivalry between Michael Jackson and Prince.  But mostly, it's an excuse to talk about how awesome Prince was.

Some reading material for you.  There won't be a quiz, or will there?

Legendary WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes is among the women's college basketball coaches under investigation for allegations of mistreating her players.  So is highly successful Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly.  And the transfers from the Illinois women's basketball program continue.

Kobe Bryant's legacy is a complicated one for many reasons.  Including the rape allegations against him from the early 2000's.  Oh, and he did this once:

As for Prince, there are SOOOO many things we could post.  We'll start with this:

And this article from MTV is definitely worth reading, all about that legendary halftime show.  Plus, here are some highlights from the Prince-Michael Jackson "rivalry.

And, this skit from Dave Chapelle, which Prince reportedly loved.  Rest in peace.