The 217 Today Podcast

217 Today: Wednesday November 4, 2020


Hannah Meisel/NPR Illinois

Today's headlines:

  • While Democrats hoped to flip Illinois’ 13th congressional district, Republican incumbent Rodney Davis won a fifth term last night.

  • Champaign County’s chief elections officer, County Clerk Aaron Ammons, says the county received more than one thousand mail-in ballots yesterday (11/3).

  • With a few thousand mail-in ballots still outstanding, some Champaign County race results are still uncertain.

In today's deeper dive, there are still votes to be counted, but it looks like governor JB Pritzker’s signature graduated income tax measure could be headed toward defeat.

217 Today is produced by Olivia Butts and hosted by Brian Moline. Reporting today contributed by Mary Hansen, Hannah Meisel, Cesar Sanchez, and our entire Illinois Newsroom team of reporters.