Two men and a woman talking

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Bandwagon - December 14, 2017

Wrap It Up, We’ll Take It

Bandwagon's year-end wrap up includes the year's most interesting/compelling stories (according to Brian, Lisa, and John, anyway), an interview with Big Ten Network's Alex Roux, and some MLB Hall of Fame inductee dish. Enjoy!

woman soccer player points at teammate

courtesy of Ella Masar McLeod

Bandwagon - December 01, 2017

Ella Masar is Kind of a Big Deal

We chat with Urbana native Ella Masar McLeod, who is making a splash in European professional soccer and now may play for Team Canada in the 2019 World Cup. Plus, why is the men's Big Ten basketball conference starting so early?

Mark Jones/University of Illinois Athletics

Bandwagon - November 15, 2017

Working and Trying to Get Better Every Day

Bandwagon talks to Nancy Fahey, one of the most successful Division III basketball coaches ever, about her transition from Washington University to the University of Illinois. Plus all the other usual shenanigans. 

Lisa Bralts

Bandwagon - November 01, 2017

We Heart That Basketball

The latest ep has John, Lisa, and Brian firmly ensconced in the season. Which season, you ask? So many possible seasons! Football (which doesn’t come up), soccer (which also doesn’t come up, weirdly), baseball (which does)… but special guest Travis Tate takes us up and down the court, so basketball it is.

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Bandwagon - October 17, 2017


What's up with Cubs as they try to defend their crown? Bleacher Nation's Michael Cerami provides analysis. Plus, what's up with U.S Soccer? And Men's College Basketball? And runaway cows?

2 men and a woman talking

Michael O. Thomas

Bandwagon - September 28, 2017

Legends, Lists, Lore and Much Much More

This episode is almost as jam-packed as the Illini Legends, Lists and Lore book we discuss with author Mike Pearson. Plus, we touch on juiced baseballs, concussions, whistle blowing and football controversies.  

Bandwagon - September 15, 2017

Getting Into the Swing

Our intrepid Bandwagoneers do their best (with mixed results) to stick to sports throughout this week's episode, which includes a chat with brand new University of Illinois head volleyball coach Chris Tamas. 

2 men and a woman talking

Michael O. Thomas

Bandwagon - September 01, 2017

The Write Stuff?

In the second episode of the season, the gang chats with The Athletic Chicago's Jon Greenberg about working for a sports journalism startup that focuses on writing. They also revisit the controversy surrounding Renée Richards, and talk about the crazy start to the US Open Tennis Championship.

2 men and a woman talking

Michael O. Thomas

Bandwagon - August 16, 2017

Getting the Band(wagon) Back Together

Bandwagon's hiatus is O-V-E-R. The third season gets off to a most excellent start with a roundtable discussion of current events in sports, guest Will Leitch talking the death of domes, a controversy involving the "scent of the game" (ew), and some fave moments in social media. 

Black and white photo of sportswriter Frank Deford

Bob Child/AP

Bandwagon - May 13, 2017

Final’s Weak?

Yep, the Bandwagon lineup is taking a breather for much of the summer. But before we go: We muse on quantifying team chemistry with a scientist who's actually studying it, the work of sportswriter/commentator Frank Deford (who recently retired from NPR), and our pal Travis Tate comes in for the episode to talk about the NBA basketball playoffs and lots more. 

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