October 17, 2017
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Jim Kelly/for Illinois Public Media

It's been three weeks. Did you miss us during our extra week off? We missed you!

1:22  - OWN GOAL

Lisa and company discuss the utter and total humiliation that led to the U.S. Men's Soccer team getting bounced out of the World Cup in Russia next year. What does it mean for the future of soccer in this country?


The NCAA Men's Basketball scandal is still emerging, but Rick Pitino has (finally) officially been fired by the University of Louisville Board of Directors. Still, the scandal seems far from over for Pitino and Men's College Basketball.


We talk to Michael Cerami, contributor to the Cubs' fan and analysis (fanalysis?) site Bleacher Nation about the National League Championship Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Topics include what's gone wrong so far for the Cubs, what Michael expects moving forward, how he feels about criticism of Joe Maddon, and what's up with Kris Bryant. Then, we discuss how Bleacher Nation has found a niche somewhere between fan site, stat geek site and beat reporting. Finally, we learn about Michael's best day ever!


After a few episodes of heavy controversies, John brings up the lighter topic of corked bats in baseball, including the infamous incident that led to Cleveland's Jason Grimsley crawling through a false ceiling in Comiskey Park with a flashlight and a bat belong to teammate Paul Sorrento.


BREAKING NEWS - Lisa has the still emerging story of a runaway cow on a soccer field in Brooklyn. (It might actually be a bull.)

Brian talks about potential expansion in Major League Baseball and what it might mean for future divisions and playoffs. 

John has the absolutely "shocking" story of an owner threatening to move his team (Columbus Crew) to another city (Austin) if he doesn't get public financing for a new stadium. 


And that's Episode 42 in the books, which means that this is our Bill Clinton podcast. You can follow us all on Twitter. And him too

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