Foxes & Cubs, Athletes on the Move, & Illini Football is Popular! Kind Of.

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The Bandwagon is back! Come on aboard, you won't hurt the horse. Jim Kelly/for Illinois Public Media

Brian, Lisa, and John are back with another episode of The Bandwagon. They discuss some stories that have grabbed their attention from social media, including Tom Brady's weird nutrition book, a new school for former Illini women's basketball player Chatrice White, and the most common Homecoming opponent for Big Ten schools (hint, they're coached by Lovie Smith). Plus, some discussion of the Leicester City Foxes and Chicago Cubs. Come on aboard!

Social media gives us SOOOOO much to discuss.  Urbana native and former Illini soccer star Ella Masar McLeod discusses her battle with anxiety and panic attacks.  You'll need Google translate for this article, unless you read Swedish.  Tom Brady has a really weird nutrition book available through his website, though it looks like it's already sold out. 

The allegations and lawsuit against the University of Illinois women's basketball team did play a part in the transfer of Chatrice White, but not in the way you might think.

When you schedule a homecoming opponent, you're usually trying to find someone you can beat.  So, it may not be a good sign that the Fighting Illini are the most common homecoming opponent in the Big Ten this season. 

The Chicago Cubs are off to a great start, though we might have jinxed them for their doubleheader on Wednesday by singing their praises so loudly.  It's kind of strange for Cubs fans to feel like they're the favorite after so many years of being the underdog.

The Leicester City Foxes were a 5000-to-1 long shot to win the English Premier League this season.  So, what will next season look like for Leicester?

Last, but not least, the University of Illinois is exploring the possibility of adding a mascot to its athletic teams.  This has prompted a lot of discussion, including this Reddit thread.

Thanks for listening!