Evening Concert

Chamber music by Dvorak and the start of a new series on tonight’s “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on FM 90.9 you’ll hear Dvorak’s “Terzetto” on “The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center”.  At 8:00 you’ll hear music by six composers that we’ve never heard of before on the first program in a new series called “Early Music Now”.

Sunday July 1: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 17-40)


Dvořák: Terzetto in C for 2 Violins & Viola Kristin Lee, Arnaud Sussmann, Vln; Paul Neubauer, Viola

Bartók: (Songs for Voice & Piano) “Fekete fod”; “Annyi bánat”; “Régi keserves”; “Eddig való”

Dawn Upshaw, Soprano; Gilbert Kalish, Piano

Bartók: Divertimento for Strings, BB 118  Large group of CMS string players


Early Music Now with Sara Schneider (EMN 18-01) [New Series]

What's your name again?

For every Bach or Josquin there's a Weichlein, Leyding, or de Grudencz. This week's program introduces six composers whose names never made it into the history books, but who composed music well worth hearing! We'll hear from La Morra, from a 2017 release, plus Ensemble Masques and Club Medieval.

Paolo da Firenze: Altro che sospirar & Amor mi stringe. Club Mediéval/Thomas Baeté

Paolo da Firenze: Ballate e Madrigali

Firminus Caron: Helas que pourra devenir The Huelgas Ensemble/Paul van Nevel.

Caron: Twilight of the Middle Ages

Romanus Weichlein: Sonata III in A minor. Ensemble Masques/Olivier Fortin

Romanus Weichlein, Opus 1, 1695

David Pohle: Paratum cor meum. L’arpa Festante/Rien Voskuilen

Pohle: Wie der Hirsch schreyet: Musica Sacra

Georg Dietrich Leyding: Praeludium in C. Friedhelm Flamme Nicolaus Bruhns/Leyding Complete Organ Works

Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz: Pneuma/Veni/Paraclito/Dator La Morra/ Michal Gondko & Corina Marti Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz: 15th century music from Central Europe

Nicolas de Radom: Ballade La Morra/ Michal Gondko & Corina Marti

Johannes Holandrius: Virelai La Morra/ Michal Gondko & Corina Marti

Anonymous: Mit ganczem willen La Morra/ Michal Gondko & Corina Marti Petrus

Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz: Plaude euge theotocos La Morra/ Michal Gondko & Corina Marti