Lyndon B. Johnson


 I'm not really one for blogging but I thought I would share something interesting that happened the other day. I walked in to  WILL on Friday after school knowing that I was behind on my fine editing work. Feeling pretty determined to finish everything that evening, I greeted the women behind the front desk without taking particular notice of their conversation. I was aware that they were laughing and one of them said something about 'Johnson'. When I signed in, one of the women turned to me and said, "Oh we were just talking about Johnson. But you probably don't know who he is, he was before your time." Feeling slightly awkward because I didn't know she had been talking to me until the end of her sentence, I decided to settle with a confused look.  The woman said, 'Lyndon Johnson?" while the other woman said, "Oh, but she wouldn't know. It was too long ago". When I replied with, "You mean, the president?" (It did take me a moment, because I wasn't used to hearing his name without the "B"), both women seemed quite surprised. "Oh see, my son wouldn't know that!" one of them said, while the other said, "Oh I guess she pays attention in history class!". I found this event amusing not only because I thought Johnson's name would still be common knowledge in my generation but because Johnson has a particular relevancy to the counterculture project.
Speaking of the project, to my satisfaction, I was able to finally finish up my fine editing. I have to say it was a much more tedious process compared to simply block editing. I look forward to working on the radio spots soon!


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