Hello Readers,
and hello February!  I can't believe that in a few days I will have completed my first month here at WILL.  Time seems to be moving so quickly.  After a minor setback on work for Letters to the Future I'm back in the building and today revised my script from one of the interviews.  It was so exciting to make a dialogue from bits and segments of the total interview.  It's so cool to be able to make it seem like the interviewee said the lines in one sitting where truthfully some of the lines were pages (or tens of minutes) apart.  Also by creating the script you create a story to fit the person.  After as much each person said in their interview I didn't realize how many short stories are told within it.  The hard part is deciding which one is most important, detailed, and can connect to CU history.  When all interviews have a script written for them it'll be awesome to be able to put them together into one total story.

Gabby Parsons


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